Enlargement / Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic operation to enlarge and enhance the shape of the breasts. Patients have the option of using saline, memory gel silicone, and cohesive gel (gummy bear) implants. Breast augmentation is done to make your breasts more proportionate to the rest of your body and improve self image. Dr. Bishop will help you make an informed decision as to which type of implant and what size would best suit you. To get an idea of size, you will be able to try on different implant sizes.


Breast reduction is a procedure that removes excess breast tissue and redundant skin. This results in breasts that are proportional to the rest of ones’ body. This procedure can often help back, neck and shoulder pain as well as associated headaches. Patients are able to increase physical activity and wear a greater variety of clothes. Breast reduction surgery can be done as an outpatient procedure or in a hospital overnight stay.

Uplift Mastopexy

A breast lift is an operation designed to help restore lift and shape to a breast. Ptosis (droop) can occur following pregnancy and/or weight loss. It can be combined with breast implants if volume has been lost. The nipples are repositioned and the breast raised. There are several variations of this procedure depending on the degree of ptosis.

(following breast removal)

Reconstruction of a breast that has been removed due to cancer or other disease is one of the most rewarding surgical procedures available today. New medical techniques and devices have made it possible for surgeons to create a breast that can come close in form and appearance to matching a natural breast. Reconstruction has no known effect on the recurrence of disease in the breast, nor does it generally interfere with chemotherapy or radiation treatment, should cancer recur. After evaluating your health, your surgeon will explain which reconstructive options are most appropriate for your age, health, anatomy, tissues, and goals. Post-mastectomy reconstruction can improve your appearance and renew your self-confidence – but keep in mind that the desired result is improvement, not perfection.


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